The Beginning

My adventure began on Sunday May 13,2012 at Pearson International Airport with my first flight flying into JFK in New York. I left Toronto at 4:15 pm and landed in New York around 6, I had 7 hours till my plane departed to Georgetown Guyana my final destination. I tried to sleep in the airport however I was too excited and nervous to get any sleep, after 7 hours of attempting to relax my nerves it was time to board my plane for Georgetown. Luckily I was able to sleep for most of that red eye but not as much as I wanted to.

I landed in Georgetown on Monday morning at 7:00am, exhausted but very excited!! Awaiting my arrival was Mr. Wilson from Youth Challenge Guyana, he is both the Programs Officer and Driver for YCG. The airport is about an hour drive from the downtown of Georgetown and Youth Challenge Guyana’s Office. This gave Mr. Wilson sometime to show me around and teach me about the Guyanese culture.

We arrived at YCG’s office and I was able to meet with everyone apart of the Youth Challenge Team. It was a very brief introduction as I had the rest of the week to meet with the entire staff and learn about all the programs that YCG offered. Everyone in the office has been welcoming and very helpful with helping me navigate my way around Georgetown.

My next stop with Mr. Wilson was a bank to transfer my Canadian funds into Guyanese Dollars:  $1.00 Canadian= 200 Dollars Guyanese,  to put that into Canadian retrospect a cab anywhere in Georgetown will range from 300-500 Guyanese which is equivalent to 1.50-3.50 Canadian.

Mr. Wilson then took me to my final destination of the day and that was my apartment. My landlords Patrick and Nicola were waiting my arrival. I am living in the area of Queenstown, Georgetown is a smaller the infrastructure  and roads are laid out like grids and this makes it very easy for someone like myself to navigate my around.

After living in Guyana for almost 5 days now here are a few things I have learned:

  • Guyanese love to eat carbs, Rice is served with everything I even witnessed a few of my coworkers mixing rice with their macaroni
  • Every meal is served spicy and with ketchup, if you are expecting to have Guyanese over for Lunch or Dinner make sure there is hot sauce and ketchup in your fridge!!
  • Not a lot of houses have warm water installed, however it makes for a great shower after a long hot day of being in 30 degree weather
  • Everyone speaks English however use  Guyanese Creoles:

Guyanese = English:

a go do it =  I will do it

me aint know =  I don’t know

ah gwine a lime = I’m going to hangout

vex = angry


One thought on “The Beginning

  1. Kendra, great blog. Guyana is going to be wonderful for you with all the spicy food. I should come visit you just so no one thinks I’m weird anymore that I put hot sauce on everything!! Your apartment looks so cute. I’m excited to see more of how this come along. Have a great week ahead. Keep making everyone proud….as if it’s possible that you won’t.

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